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Founded in 2023, Heather's Notary Service has been providing the Pottstown area with unparalleled notary services. Whether you need Heather to take an acknowledgement, administer oaths and affirmations, take a verification on oath or affirmation (includes an affidavit), witness or attest a signature, certify or attest a copy or deposition and/or note a protest of a negotiable instrument, Heather will walk you through every step, taking care of any issues you may have along the way.

With Heather's Notary Service, rest assured you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident knowing that your notary needs are in the best hands. Get in touch with Heather today — She looks forward to hearing from you.


Notary services are available by appointment only. Heather will notarize documents at her remote office, *remotely online or a *location of your choice within a 10 mile radius of Pottstown ( health care facilities only) for additional fees.

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